Easy to use and daily updated ecommerce data platform

BootLeads is an intuitive, multi-attribute tracking e-commerce data platform, adding thousands of new stores daily. Accurately tracks over 20 attributes and offers 16 flexible search criteria.

Daily additions


Average daily addition of over 5000 records

Active Stores


weekly full update, only tally active stores

Ecommerce Apps


weekly full update

Generate leads across multiple e-commerce platforms

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App developers

Conduct in-depth market research to understand current trends and future demands. Utilize our data to identify potential gaps in the market and develop apps that meet specific retailer needs.

Dropshipping suppliers

Seamlessly expand your sales network by accessing our extensive database of sales leads. Connect with high-potential ecommerce stores to swiftly scale your market reach and enhance your product distribution.

Store owners

Stay ahead of the competition by identifying potential competitors and benchmarking their strategies. Use our insights to optimize your pricing, marketing, and product development strategies.

Marketing agencies

Leverage our database to uncover new customer segments and market opportunities for your clients. Enhance your campaigns with targeted marketing strategies that are informed by reliable, up-to-date leads.

Comprehensive Data Coverage: Tracking Over 20 Essential Attributes

Core Details: Includes store title, domain registration date, product count, average product price.
Installed Applications: Detailed list of apps utilized by each store.
Social Media Insights: Profiles social media presence and follower counts.
Additional Insights: Information on key web pages like return policies and about pages.





$256 USD / monthly
Searches Unlimited Unlimited
Users 1 user 3 users
Export to CSV 60K records / month
API Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many new stores are added to database daily?

On average, we add approximately 5,000 new stores to our database each day, ensuring a constantly expanding and updated collection of potential leads.

What is the Frequency of Data Updates?

Our database receives updates frequently to ensure accuracy and relevancy. Popular store data is refreshed daily, while our entire database undergoes a comprehensive update every week.

Where do you obtain your data?

We gather data from the internet using methods similar to those of Google, but with a focus on analyzing data from ecommerce platforms. We do not obtain data from any third-party sources.

How can I remove my website from the database?

To remove your website from our database, please click the following link: removals.

How do I unsubscribe?

Please go to the account page and click on the "Cancel" button.

How do I contact support?

Please contact us via email at help(@)bootleads.com. We typically respond within 48 hours.